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How to Impose Strict Rule For Internet Usage within the Company

Internet surfing is such as waste of time especially if you are surfing useless stuffs. Come to think of it if your employees are surfing the Internet without finishing their work or task on time. So then, it might be a good time to have software that can help you monitor their works and their surfing sites. But how do you exactly execute this strategy within your organization? Here are some tips and guides on how to do it:

- The company should develop a policy restricting on the Internet access and usage of employees.
- Managers shall monitor the usage of employees through monitoring software and block access to prohibited sites with blocking software.
- Companies should conduct a policy that let the employees alert on what usage is allowed and what is prohibited.
- There must be guidelines and consequences if employees were caught surfing non-sense on the Internet during their working hours.

The Importance of Compensation Roundtable

Managers should pay more attention regarding about the compensation roundtable. Effective manager’s communication is important in the work industry as studies shows that a lot employees are receiving lower pay increase than their previous years. Some employees also expect that their pay should also increase since the economic news is improving. Different expectations between the employees and managers can cause problems. Employees tend to neglect their work if their managers do not face their expectations.

Managers should pay more attention on how to communicate well regarding compensation roundtable to their employees. Some communication strategies include building the business case to managers for pay communications, training managers to deliver pay messages effectively, and measuring the impact of these communications.

FireFox Memory Usage

FireFox is my default web browser. I have a couple of FireFox extensions that I can't live without. The major issue with FireFox is memory consumption. Here's how I handle this problem.

1. Change the maximum number of URLs you can traverse through the Back/Forward buttons.


You can change this setting by typing about:config in the address bar. For more information, go to and search for "browser. sessionhistory. max_entries".

2. Change the cache for recently visited pages.



3. Change the image and chrome cache.



4. Use Windows swap memory.



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