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We develop and maintain Java applications. We build enterprise-class systems according to your needs. We also adopt the system to the constant changes in your business. More...

Managed Teams

Our teams have the skills, experience and guidance needed to complete your projects on time. Every team includes a seasoned project manager and business liaison. More...

Cost Savings

Through our creative business model, you get the same development teams once affordable only to large corporations. Get top technical skills at a fraction of the cost. More...

TeamEXtension Partners with MySQL

SEYMOUR, CT. February 17, 2010 – TeamEXtension, LLC, a consultancy firm which offers application development and maintenance, project management and other information technology services has recently partnered with MySQL.

The company is now officially considered as an Enterprise Ready Partner under the business policies and regulations of MySQL Enterprise Connection Alliance, also known as MECA – a program created to support businesses that sell, service, and support and/or build solutions on MySQL Enterprise, or provide solutions based on the technology’s platform.

Essentially, the partnership means that TeamEXtension has met all the requirements set by the organization and is fully equipped and capable of delivering MySQL services.

Google Checkout Fees Download

I was looking for a way to download a year's worth of Google Checkout Fees and found a January 2009 post from Ashley Schroder. Google Checkout has changed since the blog post was made and the new steps are documented in the post's comments section. I took the liberty of making an updated post on how to do it for tax year 2009.

You will need FireFox with the FireBug add-on.

Here are the steps:

1. Go to and log in to your Google Checkout account.

2. Open FireBug and edit the HTML. Search for the input tags startDay and endDay.

Google checkout-before

3. Add value="d:2009-01-01" to startDay. Add value="d:2009-12-31" to endDay. Remove onclick="assignDates()".

Google checkout-after

4. Click Download on the web page.

The file downloaded should contain a full year's worth of Google Checkout Fees. If anyone knows a simpler way to do it, please let me know. Thanks.

The New Windows Version 7

Microsoft has released another operating system and it's the Windows 7. The latest Windows 7 has a lot of features that the enthusiasts can surely enjoy. The Windows 7 is easier to use and more convenient. It is a hassle free Windows with a whole lot of new features and great performances.

The Windows 7 comes with a more stylish end user interface. It has big icons that have fast-animated movements. The icons are done, that in a way it can enhance the user experience. The positive side of the Windows 7 is that is has a super-fast speed with friendly to use interface.

Windows 7 has a desktop that is much more organized and has a sleek and cleaner look. It also includes docking options similar to the Mac's OS. The latest software from Windows also includes a new application that is easy to use. It also has a lot of improvements and other new applications have also been added. It also has additional add-ons including the speech and hand writing recognition.

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