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Java Development

We develop and maintain Java applications. We build enterprise-class systems according to your needs. We also adopt the system to the constant changes in your business. More...

Managed Teams

Our teams have the skills, experience and guidance needed to complete your projects on time. Every team includes a seasoned project manager and business liaison. More...

Cost Savings

Through our creative business model, you get the same development teams once affordable only to large corporations. Get top technical skills at a fraction of the cost. More...

The Jonah Complex

We all want to fully achieve our potential, our greatness, in both our personal and business lives. Or do we? Abraham Maslow talks about the Jonah Complex. This is our reluctance to achieve greatness. This can be due to the fear to attract attention, fear of responsibility, fear of being outside the norm, fear of insecurity, or the fear of losing control. There is a greater fear than the fear of failure. It's the fear of success.

Once you are aware that such fear exists, you are better able to fight this fear. We all are given our own special talents and skills. You are to use these talents and skills to improve our lives and the lives of those who we come in contact with. Feel your fear of success and achieve your full potential.

A look at the decade that was.

We all got the scare of our lives with the beginning of this decade. Remember the Y2K bug or the millennium bug that was supposed to deactivate everything that was electronic at the moment 1999 would end? And while doomsday fanatics frantically searched for survival tools and gadgets, many still were optimistic that the entry to the third millennium was not going to be that bad nor was it going to be the end of life as we knew it, and it wasn't. In fact, the year 2000 seemed to have paved the way to what is now known as the Decade of Technology! It was in fact, some kind of a rebirth to a better life. And indeed, it truly was.


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