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Hawthorne’s Theory: A Very Powerful Tool to Motivate People

One of the many challenges that businesses face is employee retention. Employees come and go. And employers should always be ready to let go of those who want to go, keep the loyal ones and learn to embrace the new ones.

Career growth and salary are just two of the top reasons why an employee would go and look for another job. As a business owner, you have to continually think how to retain your people. Your people will always be the company's best assets. Thus, you need to take care of them by listening to their needs.

Despite of good policies and salaries, some employees would still go and look for other opportunities. Sometimes, you cannot just keep good employees. At times like this, it will be best to apply Hawthorne's theory.


While troubleshooting an internet connection issue from our office, I searched for a Visual traceroute tool online. I came across a website called YouGetSignal, which does a couple things.

1. Checks if a certain port is open given an IP address.
2. See the location of a given IP address on Google Maps. You can use MaxMind or as the geolocation information source.
3. Does a trace route and displayed in Google Maps.
4. See the location of a given phone number.
5. Find other websites given a domain or IP address.
6. Do a whois lookup.

I usually use a couple of different tools to do all these and they don't have the nice tabbed interface of YouGetSignal. Check out this website next time you need to do some network testing.

Antivirus System Pro

One of our machines got hit with the Antivirus System Pro malware. This program masquerades as an anti-virus and it's main objective is to get you to buy the fake program. It tell you your system is infected with different viruses and shows never ending popup windows and alerts. The infected machine had Avast Home Edition and Windows Defender but still got infected.

When a machine gets infected, we don't just reboot. The problem can get worse because the malware can load itself on startup, possibly doing more damage. So the first thing I did was to disable the network connection. I don't want any data being sent to another computer on the internet, or get another machine infected.

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