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Java 8: Final Release

Oracle has finally announced the General Availability of the most anticipated open-source implementation of Java SE 8 (Java Standard Edition 8) which is the JDK 8 (Java Development Kit 8) last March 18, 2014. JDK 8 was supposed to be released last September 2013 but was delayed to work on its security issues and other bugs.

The following are some of the features and improvements of JDK 8 mentioned in an article published at Oracle’s website:

Java Programming Language: Introduction of a new language feature calledLambda Expressions which let you express instances of single-method interfaces more compactly.

Collections: Performance Improvement for HashMaps with Key Collisions.

Compact Profiles contain predefined subsets of the Java SE platform and enable applications that do not require the entire Platform to be deployed and run on a small devices.

Security enhancements such as: Client-side TLS 1.2 enabled by default; stronger algorithms for password-based encryption; SSL/TLS Server Name Indication (SNI) Extension support in JSSE Server; SHA-224 Message Digests; 64-bit PKCS11 for Windows; New rcache Types in Kerberos 5 Replay Caching; and more.
JavaFX: The new SwingNode class enables developers to embed Swing content into JavaFX.

New Tools: jjs command is provided to invoke the Nashorn engine;java command launches JavaFX applications; java man page has been reworked; jdeps command-line tool is provided for analysing class files; Java Management Extensions (JMX) provide remote access to diagnostic commands; jarsigner tool has an option for requesting a signed time stamp from a Time Stamping Authority (TSA); and improved Javac tool.

JDK 8 Status Update

Java Development Kit 8, also known as JDK 8, is based on Java Standard Edition 8 and was supposed to be released in the 3rd quarter of 2013. However, it was pushed back to have more focus on its security issues. In September 2013, a blog posted by Mark Rheinhold, Oracle’s Chief Architect of the Java Platform Group announced that they released a preview build of JDK 8 for developers for initial testing. The main attraction of the release is the Project Lambda which will support programming on multicore processors. JDK 8 also offers other features such as new date and time API, compact profiles, and the Nashorn JavaScript engine according to Rheinhold.

Another update has been released regarding the development of JDK 8 last January 13, 2014 by Mathias Axelsson, Oracle JDK 8 Release Manager. According to his post on a Java mailing list, they will have the JDK 8 release candidate built before the January 23 deadline and have it shipped on March 18.

Axelsson said that they have been doing a lot of bug fixing to be able to have a release candidate on the last week of January. For JDK 8’s initial release, they are going to prioritize to fix the showstopper bugs. Non-showstopper bugs’ fixes will be postponed to keep track of its schedule. According to Axelsson, “We have a few fixes that are pending integration but overall things are looking very good and we’re on-track to have the release candidate built before the January 23 deadline.”

JDK 8 Milestone 8

The following are the few finalized and accomplished JEPs that is fragment of M7.

1. 115 AEAD Cipher Suites
2. 162 Prepare for Modularization
3. 104 Annotations on Java Types

The following are the JEPs that were not finalized on time

1. 140 Limited do Privileged
2. 180 Handle Frequent Hash Map Collisions with Balanced Trees
3. 155 Concurrency Updates

Java Development Kit 8 is an early access documentation which supports designers to discover features that has been enriched and well-run. It consists of the Developer Guides, The Java Tutorials, and API credentials or certification. If we catch viruses in a release, we should give in to them by means of the standard Java SE bug reporting channels.
The subsequent designates where we can discover records for particular JDK 8 enrichment:

1. Language and Library Enhancements.

The following enrichment influences the Java linguistic or the JDK library

• Parallel ArBase64 Encoding Schemes array Sorting
• Base64 Encoding Schemes
• Lambda Expressions
• Annotations API Updates

2. Security Enhancements.

The subsequent enrichment influences the security features in Java SE

• SHA-224 message Digests.
• Server Name Indication Extension for Server Applications.
• Stronger Algorithms for Password-Based Encryption.
• Server Name Indication Extension for Server Applications.
• Enhanced Support for NSA Suite B Cryptography.

3. Internationalization Enhancements

The following enrichment influences the internationalization features in Java SE

• New Calendar and Locale APIs
• Installation of Custom Resources as Extensions

4. Tool Enhancements

The subsequent enrichment affects the practicalities and tools delivered with the JDK.

• Pack200 Engine Updates

5. Platform and System Support Enhancements

The subsequent enrichment influences support for platforms and systems:

• JDK 8 for Linux ARM

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