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Java Application Porting from Windows to Linux

We ported an old, and rather unusual Java application to Linux. Java is supposed to be platform independent, so this should be easy. But this is not your typical Java application. Here are the things we had to change to make it run in Linux.

Database Migration

The old Java application was using Microsoft Access as the database. The plan is to move it over to MySQL. The first step is to export the data, and we followed the MySQL documentation on how to export from Microsoft Access.

We then had to alter the exported tables since the primary keys were not auto incrementing.

alter table TABLE_NAME change column ID ID int auto_increment primary key;

We also hit a snag with MySQL in Linux case sensitivity, so we had to rename our tables, and explicitly made them capitalized.

rename table table_name to TABLE_NAME;

In the code, we had to use the MySQL driver com.mysql.jdbc.Driver, instead of the ODBC driver sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver. We also had to change SQL dates, so they are enclosed in single quotes ('), instead of hash (#). So the dates in SQL should look something like '2013-09-01 01:00:00' instead of #2013-09-01 01:00:00#.

Excel Import

The application was importing data from either XLS files or CSV files. The XLS import was implemented using ODBC, specifically using the Excel ODBC driver jdbc:odbc:Driver={Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls)}". To make this work in Linux, the code was rewritten to use Apache POI HSFF/XSSF.

Runtime.exec() of .EXE

The application was running .exe files by using Runtime.exec(). We determined it was not an important functionality, so the code has been removed.

Ports 25, 53, 80, 110, 389

Java 8 Developer Preview

Oracle has released JDK 8 Developer Preview. This release is intended for broad testing by developers. The main feature of JDK 8 is Project Lambda, which adds lambda expressions, default methods, and method references to the Java programming language. It also extends the core Java libraries to support parallelizable operations on streams. Other features include the new Date and Time API, compact Java SE profiles, the Nashorn JavaScript Engine. Permanent Generation has also been removed from the HotSpot virtual machine.

Java Development

Java being a cross-platform software has been and is still widely used in creating programs and applications on different devices that is why there is a high demand for Java Development these days. It is essential in order to cope up with the fast-paced development of technology.

Java Development is one of the reasons why we can watch high quality movies from our Blue-Ray Discs; why waiting for something or someone will no longer be a bore because of playing Candy Crush; and why we enjoy and get hooked with the latest mobile games and applications. In addition to the applications we appreciate on our mobile devices, businesses also get benefits from Java Development. From creating computing software to other business solutions, Java technology is being used. In order to cater with the huge demand for Java Development, most IT companies worldwide now offer Java Development products and services.

Here are some of the Java Development products and services commonly available in the market which consumers can take advantage of:

  • Application integration
  • Application testing
  • Architecture Portability to J2EE framework
  • Custom java development
  • Desktop interface portals
  • Enterprise application development
  • J2EE Integration with Back Office Applications
  • Java application maintenance
  • Java application migration
  • Java desktop application
  • Java distributed application
  • Java dynamic web application
  • Java message service
  • Java mobile application
  • Java modular programs
  • Java online/offline
  • Java product development
  • Java Professional Services
  • Java secure application
  • JEE development
  • Multilingual java applications
  • Reusable component development
  • Social Media Development
  • Web portal development
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