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2014’s Best Java Tools and Technologies

In May 2014, ZeroTurnaround, a software company who created JRebel & LiveRebel, released the result of their global survey on 2164 Java professionals for their 5th year in Java development research reports.

The following are the results for The 2014 Leaderboard of Java Tools and Technologies survey, which has a 2.1% sample error:

    82.5% - JUnit : Top testing framework used by developers
    70% - Jenkins : Most used CI Server in the industry
    69% - Git : #1 Version Control technology out there
    67% - Hibernate : the top ORM Framework used
    65% - Java 7 : the industry leader for SE Development
    64% - Maven : Most used build tool in Java
    64% - Nexus : the main repository used by developers
    56% - MongoDB : The NoSQL technology of choice
    55% - FindBugs : most-used Static Code Analysis Tool
    50% - Tomcat : the most popular Application Server
    49% - Java EE 6 : found in the most enterprises
    48% - Eclipse : the IDE used more than any other
    40% - Spring MVC : most commonly used Web Framework
    32% - MySQL : the most popular SQL technology

The top four technologies in which developers are really interested in are as follows:

    58% - Gradle : almost 6 in 10 developers say they want to learn more about build tool.
    49% - IntelliJ IDEA : almost half of developers would rather use IntelliJ than any other IDE
    47% - Scala : 47% choose Scala as their next JVM language
    35% - Java 8 : over 1/3 of developers see getting familiar with Java 8 as their highest priority until 2015

Seventy one percent of the Software Developers (which Java professionals commonly called as) build Web Apps while only 3% voted for creating apps for Mobile. Most of them still use Microsoft Windows (50%) for desktops and Google Android (66%) for mobiles.

For Java EE, 68% use the Java EE (+SE) in which Java EE version 6 made it to the top with 49% votes. Meanwhile, Java 7 got 65% for the most commonly used version of Java SE.

Using only SQL got 53% votes wherein MySQL (32%), Oracle DB (30%) and PostgreSQL (19%) made it to the top 3 for the Primary SQL technology while MongoDB dominates the Primary NoSQL technology category with 56% votes.

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