Memory Restart Firefox Add-on

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What's New

* Changes needed for Firefox 29.

* Bug fix. Auto restart broken when minimize memory is enabled.

* Performance fixes.

* Added configurable memory spike notification. Defaults to 250MB.
* Removed prompt when restarting from File menu.
* Automatic restart delay shortened to 30 secs from 60 secs.
* Internal improvements.

* Fix for high CPU usage on every update (refresh interval).

* Support for Firefox 26+.
* Right clicking on add-on bar no longer restarts.

* Less aggressive Memory Minimize functionality. Only minimize memory when the threshold is reached and it is more than 10 minutes since the last minimize memory. Thanks akromic.

* Added option to automatically minimize memory when threshold is reached. This functionality is the same as clicking the "Minize memory usage" in about:memory.
* Reverted minimum threshold validation, which appears to have prevented Mac users from updating their memory threshold settings.

* Set 250MB as the minimum threshold for auto restart. This lessens the possibility of Firefox from restarting on startup.
* We give Firefox 60 seconds before we automatically restart. This should help during cases where Firefox restarts automatically on startup.
* Added File -> Restart menu option.
* Displays MB instead of Mb. Thanks Areed.
* Reverted back to using Ci.nsIAppStartup.eAttemptQuit.
* Internal fixes.

* Support for Firefox 13.
* Configurable refresh interval.
* Using Ci.nsIAppStartup.eForceQuit instead of Ci.nsIAppStartup.eAttemptQuit. If this causes any issues, please let us know.

* No prompt option.

* Support for Firefox 10.

* Support for Firefox 7.

* Support for Firefox 6.

* Bug fix. Auto restart feature works now.

* Bug fix. Add-on now works properly even if the toolbar button is removed by the user. Thanks TechnoMage for the detailed bug report.

* Added a toolbar button.
* Displays a dialog confirmation before restarting Firefox.
* Users can customize the font color.
* Added the option automatically restart Firefox when memory threshold is met.
** Be careful not to set the memory threshold to a very low number or that might restart Firefox as soon as you open it.

* Supports Firefox 4.

* Users can set the memory threshold. The default is 500Mb.


Memory Restart is an open-source Firefox add-on that allows you to quickly restart Firefox if memory usage is too high. Firefox users can see the memory usage in the add-on bar or the toolbar tool-tip. If memory usage reaches a certain threshold, the add-on bar display and the toolbar icon will turn red.

This add-on uses the same underlying code as about:memory. Memory reported by about:memory is less than the memory you will see consumed by the Firefox when you look at top or task manager.

Toolbar icon courtesy of Ken Saunders.