Updates on JDK 9

After four months of Build b26’s release, JDK 9’s latest Early Access Release - Build b43 is now available for download and testing. Bug fixes and small enhancements for JDK 9 repositories are still ongoing.

Meanwhile, the latest JEPs targeted to JDK 9 have been listed in the update made by JDK 9’s project site last December 12, which are as follows:

    220: Modular Run-Time Images
    Inspired by Project Jigsaw, this JEP will introduce a new structure of JDK and JRE run-time images.
    224: HTML5 Javadoc
    Improvement on Javadoc to produce HTML5 markup.

For updates on the status of JDK 9, go to : http://openjdk.java.net/projects/jdk9/.

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