Updates on JDK 9

After four months of Build b26’s release, JDK 9’s latest Early Access Release – Build b43 is now available for download and testing. Bug fixes and small enhancements for JDK 9 repositories are still ongoing.

Meanwhile, the latest JEPs targeted to JDK 9 have been listed in the update made by JDK 9’s project site last December 12, which are as follows:

102: Process API Updates
Enhancements on Process API

143: Improve Contended Locking
Performance improvements for contended Java object monitors.

158: Unified JVM Logging
A common logging system for JVM components.

165: Compiler Control
Various enhancements on the control of JVM compiler.

197: Segmented Code Cache
Code cache divided into distinct segments.

199: Smart Java Compilation, Phase Two
Improvements on sjavac tool.

201: Modular Source Code
Restructuring JDK 9’s source code into modules.

211: Elide Deprecation Warnings on Import Statements
Removal of “uninformative” deprecation warnings.

212: Resolve Lint and Doclint Warnings
To fix lint and doclint errors contained in JDK 8 and JDK 9 code base.

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