Businesses have seen the advantages of outsourcing payroll, HR, accounting, IT support and other non-core business functions. Now you can outsource daily IT development and maintenance. Our unique business model gives you a managed, dedicated IT team without the high cost.

Java Team

Level the business playing field. Think company growth. We allow your business to have access to IT services previously only available to large corporations.

TeamEXtension Equation

We provide you with a fully managed Java development team with in-depth experience in software design and development. The team is composed of two (2) dedicated, senior Java/J2EE developers and one (1) shared IT project manager. This team structure can be customized to your needs. The whole team works off-site, and is available by phone, email, instant messaging or video conferencing. Team members are based offshore and team managers are based in the United States.

Features & Benefits

Whether you have technical expertise in-house or not, we provide you the resources you need but don’t currently have. We also free up your existing resources for other critical tasks. We are an extension to your existing IT department and not meant to replace it. The following are the services included with every TeamEXtension.

TeamEXtension Features

Application Development

Do you lack IT resources for business application development? Automate business tasks and processes, and increase productivity. Integrate your various systems. Get the needed IT resources to grow your business and handle new business opportunities. Make our IT expertise and talent pool your competitive advantage. Maintenance & Support

Do you need someone to handle system maintenance and support? Support, maintain and enhance existing systems to adapt to ever changing business needs. Remain responsive to the constantly evolving business landscape and respond quickly to technology changes. Get application support and continuous system improvements, while minimizing downtime. Project Management

Do you want to implement more IT projects with little management overhead? Focus on your core business and priorities, and let our experienced IT managers oversee technology. Minimize your cost of governance and stress level. We manage people, projects and vendors, setting clear expectations and building trust. We use frequent communication and regular performance reports to make sure your team is always on track. Team Dependency

Do you want less dependencies on a single person for IT knowledge? Minimize key person dependency. Have the necessary team structure so someone is always available to work on critical tasks or handle emergency support. We also manage the transition between human resources, minimizing morale problems and business disruption. Resource Pool

Do you want to leverage a pool of IT skills and experiences? Take advantage of the technical skills, experiences, and processes of a pure IT company. Have access to cross-team knowledge sharing and support. Benefit from our IT management methodologies and our IT development processes. Strategic Consulting

Do you want an experienced IT consultant helping you plan your technology initiatives? Make informed decisions about current and future technology initiatives, and maximize your IT investments. There are too many options, too much information. We will help you make sense of constantly changing technology and will act as your IT advisor. We also proactively suggest ways to make your business bigger and better. Dedicated Relationship

Do you wish your IT projects were the top priority? Get the feeling of control as your business projects are our priority and focus. Your team is flexible and can accomplish business objectives and challenges as they arise. Cooperation and constant communication allows your team do what is important to your business. We are here for the long-term, implementing the basics, developing current projects, and planning for the future. Minimal Overhead

Do you want minimal start-up costs? Minimize technology investments and capital costs. Get predictable operating costs and improve cash flow. No need to worry about quickly outdated hardware and software. No hiring or firing nightmares. No contractor vs employee issues. No insurance, payroll, legal, HR and office space overhead. No need for training, benefits, bonuses and other employee incentive programs. Minimal Risk

Do you want to minimize risk when choosing a vendor? There are no obligations or long-term contracts, and you can terminate the relationship anytime after the initial 3 month start-up period and a 30 day prior written notice. We also lessen your overall business risk level by managing security, capacity, malware, data loss, service loss, and network downtime. Cost Effective

Do you want an IT team that big corporations enjoy without the high costs? Get your own managed team for the same cost of one senior contractor. For a small hourly fee, you get to fully utilize IT to help maintain and grow your business. No high recruitment fees, training costs, or advertising expenses. Our business model and economy of scale gives you the best pricing for your business.

Secondary Services

Do you want to make sure your business runs smoothly in any event? Get full IT coverage with the following services: Business Continuity Planning, Server Monitoring, Automated Backups, Website Testing, Workstation Support, Security Audits, Web Analytics, Reputation Management, Website Validation, Link & Spell Checking, Web Usability Testing, Blacklist Monitoring, Basic Managed Hosting, Basic SEO, IT Purchasing and Referral Service. More…

Tools & Applications

Do you wish to improve office productivity and collaboration? Get more productive with these tools and applications: Online Storage, Online Documentation, Online Project Management, Secure Messaging, Source Code Management, Spam Filtering, Remote Access, Software Libraries and Source Code Libraries. More…

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