TeamEXtension is Sun Partner Advantage Program Certified

SEYMOUR, CT, April 16, 2010 – Recently, TeamEXtension added more colors to its long list of certification accomplishments as they are now officially a Sun Partner Advantage Program certified company. This means that they can now provide combined quality services of Oracle and Sun.

As we all know, Oracle is the world’s most complete, open, and integrated business software and hardware systems with over 380,000 users worldwide, representing a variety of industry sizes. With the combination with Sun, customers can even more benefit from fully integrated systems that are faster and more reliable and affordable.

TeamEXtension is a company that provides maintenance and development teams to small and medium enterprises in the United States. Moreover, it is run upon based on the values of simplicity, stability, resourcefulness and quality service. Truly, this partnership development with Sun and Oracle is just one of the many steps that they are taking to fully attain the values of providing first-class service to its list of clientele.

No other person is more excited than TeamEXtension’s Chief Executive Officer Bienvenido David. In a press statement released, he states, “The program is not just a mere partnership with Sun and Oracle. It is a mean for the company to show how they value continuity of learning, as we are now able to access a host technical resources and support. Thus, allowing our people to become more competent individuals in the field.”

In essence, TeamEXtension can now also provide a simplified framework for engagement and systematic yet customize navigation to access all the benefits of a pertinent member, which in turn they are giving back to their loyal and satisfied customers through quality service and technical know-how.

To sum up, this only means one thing –TeamEXtension will never be left behind. They are always updated on all the new developments of Sun and Oracle keeping abreast of the competition. As such, shall you have any queries, please do feel to contact (800)-991-0479 or email marketing department at