About Us

Our History

Founder Bienvenido David was used to working with large corporations in the insurance and financial industry, till he landed a position as Chief Technology Officer for a smaller company. The company was growing steadily but was far behind in technology, mainly due to lack of IT resources and direction. He brought in the needed leadership, management, and technical skills to bring IT above par. He provided the needed resources to both resolve the company’s biggest issues, and achieve the company’s strategic plans.

TeamEXtension was born through the realization that the same set of skills, strategies and processes can help turn around IT for other businesses as well. TeamEXtension became an official Limited Liability Company on July 7, 2009.

Our Mission

To create effective and economical Java development and maintenance teams that provide first-class service to businesses.

Our Values


Software development is complicated enough. We keep your code simple and clear. This means code that is easy to understand, maintain and enhance. Stability

We give high importance to software stability and quality. We make sure your day to day business activities go smoothly. We continually test and monitor your applications. Resourcefulness

We skillfully deal with new situations, difficulties and priorities. We rely on our skills, experience and dedication to remain effective at all times. Quality Service

We provide the service and support you need, bundled with quick and open communication.

Our Teams

Our main asset is our people, and the reason behind this is simple. Our final product is a team. The parts that make up this product are our people. For us to create the best product possible, we have to find the right individuals that make up the team, and bring them together so that the sum is greater than its parts. Executive management’s primary role is to build cohesive teams with the right skill set for our clients.

Our Management

Bienvenido David is the Chief Technology Officer. He graduated Bachelor of Science Computer Engineering from Mapua Institute of Technology in Manila, Philippines, ranking 3rd in the class of November 1996. He has won individual and team IT competitions including the Mapua Computer Genius 1996. He has worked as lead programmer and project manager building C++ and Java Enterprise applications in the technology, insurance and financial industries, most notably Fujitsu, General Reinsurance, Standard & Poor’s and Credit Suisse. His professional IT experience has led him to work in countries such as the United States, Philippines and Japan. He is a member of the American Management Association and a Java Editor for InfoQ.

Our Clients

Our clients are business owners who value their sense of independence and derive tremendous satisfaction from running their own companies. Their time is a very precious commodity and they have an enormous amount of drive and self confidence. They believe in the delegation of non-core competencies and that choosing the right vendor is critical to business success.

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You can get started now and get the IT development and maintenance team you need. We look forward to working with you.