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Seymour, CT, July 5, 2010 – TeamEXtension founder Bienvenido David has been recently interviewed by, an organization that is considered to be as the official link to American businesses. Like many successful entrepreneurs, Mr. David is an advocate of the principle that “knowledge is power, when it is shared.” As such, on the interview, he shared to all aspiring entrepreneurs on how to hire the right staff making them a key ingredient to your organization’s success.

Before hand, Mr. David worked as a full-time computer programmer and manager. He was involved mainly in the projects’ technical aspects. However, as he constantly seek for new challenges in life, he had thought why not try to catch up with the business aspect on the things he did. So he decided to quit job and started TeamExtension in early 2008.

As he went through running his own business, he experienced tough times most especially when he has to move parts and amount of details involved in a specific project. Finding customers is definitely not a walk in the park. Obviously, he shares the same problem with other business owners.

Hiring employees become an only option, as delegating the tasks to them would make the hectic life a bit loose. Thus, he decided to hire contractors based on two employee qualities. He always takes time to look at the technical and soft sides as the main criteria. Although each industry and business type has different needs, for a consultancy business, it is all about how they solve issues the clients’ face.

Come interview time, Mr. David said he would always look for team players, clear communicators and independent and personable people. He believes working hard must be coupled with the ability to work with the client, the team and him well. Meanwhile, he also added that independence is also a priority as it saves a lot of time and effort from micromanaging employees.

Truly, employees are the true assets for many organizations because they are the ones that propel the company up and down. To read the entire interview, you can visit Power User Spotlight: Hiring for Technical and Soft Skills. The interview was conducted by Christine Lai, a consultant who supports the Business Gateway program.

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