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“Bien redefines professionalism, efficiency and knowledge”

“Bien redefines professionalism, efficiency and knowledge. He accepts extremely challenging projects, environments and budgets while maintaining an unparalleled level of patience and dedication. Very few individuals have the experience, network and resources Bien does. I hope to genetically clone Bien for all my future projects and would obviously recommend him for any and all software development, marketing and operations needs.”

Warren Smith, General Manager, GoodChime, Inc

“The go to guy on the technical team”

It was my good fortune to work with Bien David on a project some years ago. We were developing and maintaining an international e-commerce website that utilized what was then cutting edge J2EE technology. By virtue of his intelligence and professionalism, Bien had risen to become the go to guy on the technical team, the guy who got all the difficult technical problems and someone whose opinion was sought on important architectural issues.

I count Bien among the top people I have worked with. He is unfailingly pleasant to work with, and has the ability to understand solutions from diverse perspectives. He has a strong understanding of the Business Context of his projects. He is equally strong with overall solution architecture and technical architecture and, while retaining the ability to think broadly, has the uncommon ability to drill down into the details of the implementation and pitch in with the source code.

The addition of Bien and TeamEXtension to a project should be counted as an advantage in almost any circumstance.

Holton Walker, Enterprise Architect, ActiveHealth Management

“Pleasure to work with”

I am currently Vice President, Internal Audit Director at White Mountains Re and have been for the past six plus years. White Mountains Re is a worldwide reinsurance company with offices in Europe, Asia, Canada, and the United States. Prior to working at White Mountains Re, I had the privilege of working with an extremely talented Information Technology team at General Reinsurance. The team comprised of top tier Java programmers of which Bien David who is now the CEO of TeamEXtension was a leading member.

I had the opportunity of working with Bien for a little over three years. Bien was a pleasure to work with and in my opinion excels in the following areas: Organization, Communication, Listening, Willingness to learn, Creativity when handling complex business use cases, and Conscience of the difficulties of performing application maintenance when an application is designed poorly.

Bradley M. Martin, Vice President, Internal Audit Director, White Mountains Re

“Perfect combination of organization and clarity”

Bien is one of those rare IT professionals that have the perfect combination of organization and clarity. I’ve personally witnessed him inherit a wild and messy project and turn it into a well-functioning system that supports critical business goals. All along he did this terrific transformation while reporting effectively to non-technical management who demanded results within a tight budget. If the project calls for a technical team to execute on a complex solution, without hesitation I would recommend Bien and TeamEXtension.

Alan Rodriguez, CEO, Crumpeta Consulting

“Programming is his passion”

An efficient and elegant method of writing source code is one of the qualities that a technical manager looks for in a programmer. And Bien has it. During his employment in Software Brewers, I saw his drive and skill in developing various applications using C++, for different operating systems and platforms. Handling our complex ActiveX Control that we use in our reporting system and implementing our flagship reporting products are just two important responsibilities that he has successfully managed. Programming is his passion and I know that he will go far in his IT career.

Rene Tenazas, CEO, Changes And Trends Software Inc

“He took care of everything”

“Hired is the wrong word. Bien, CEO of TeamEXtension did me a fantastic favor! I’ve been toying with a project for a while now, but always stalled over a problem area where I lacked the expertise to jump the hurdle. Enter Bien, who set everything up so perfectly (and quickly) that I’ve no excuse for putting things off any longer. He calmed my frustration with the ‘unknown’ and explained things so that they made sense. Not that I need it to make sense anymore – he took care of everything. Thanks, Bien!”

Sheila Lee, Test Director, L-3 Communications

“Good at making positive decisions”

I worked for Bien David for several years at a client where I had done several previous assignments. I found Bien to be energetic, pragmatic, and innovative. He was able to take a small IT shop of an expanding business and grow it into a dynamic up-to-date environment. As a manager he had the ability to lead a team of both on and off-site personnel. Bien was also good at making positive decisions such as knowing when to remove unnecessary obstacles, while still being able to roll up his sleeves and dig into the code when required.

I would recommend TeamEXtension without hesitation.

Kathleen O’Hara, President, Expert Advantage, Inc