Secondary Services

All Around IT

We know that small businesses do not have the luxury of hiring different people to handle the many different IT functions. We have included the following services so your business gets the most from technology.

Included Services

Business Continuity Planning

Do you want your critical business functions to continue running in any event? Restore critical business functions in case of disaster using distributed fail-over servers. Keep your core business functions running with minimal downtime. Server Monitoring

Do you need your servers running 24×7? Help keep your critical applications up 24×7 by proactive monitoring. Get alerted of performance issues or server downtime as soon as it happens. Automated Backups

Do you need your data securely and automatically backed up? Safeguard critical company data, both from workstations and servers, using both on-site and off-site backups. Backup your data securely and automatically without interrupting your daily business activities. Website Testing

Do you want to make sure your applications are working properly? Full range of testing frameworks and methodologies ensure production quality systems. Make sure your applications are working properly via regular functional and performance testing. Implement A/B testing and create a better converting website. Workstation Support

Do you need someone to provide tech support for your employees? Get remote support for your employee’s workstations and minimize computer downtime. Make sure workstations are secure with firewalls, security patches and malware protection. Get remote tech support for all of your employees and minimize computer downtime. Security Audits

Do you need your servers and data to be secured from hackers? Security audits and updates ensure company and customer security. Make production security and stability a top priority. Keep your servers and data secure from hackers, crackers and spammers. Web Analytics

Do you want to keep track of your website traffic to better understand your customers? Analyze your website traffic to create a higher converting website. Keep track of your website traffic to better understand your customers and general website trends. Reputation Management

Do you wish to monitor your company’s reputation online? Track user comments, suggestions or complaints about your company. Keep tabs on your company’s online reputation. Thank your fans and talk to your critics. Link & Spell Checking

Do you want to easily find and fix broken links and misspellings on your website? Maintain website credibility by using automated spelling and link checkers. Regularly find and fix broken links and misspellings on your website. Keep your website as professional as possible. Web Usability Testing

Do you wish you knew what users thought about your website? Get end-user and third party feedback about your website. Know what other people think about your navigation, your content, and your design. Blacklist Monitoring

Do you want to make sure your website is not blacklisted or poorly rated? Proactively monitor inclusion to black lists, which can be caused by security holes, malware infections or improper user ratings. Make sure your website is not blacklisted which might prevent your emails from going through or which might cause your website traffic to go down. Website Validation

Do you want your website to work on all the major browsers and operating systems? Ensure your website is HTML standards compliant and make it fully compatible with different browsers. Make sure your website works on all the major platforms that your customers are using. Basic Managed Hosting

Do you want application hosting without worrying about the hardware or the network? Get domain name management and website hosting. Intranet and non-critical websites can be hosted on our web servers at no cost. Get application hosting without any hardware investment and maintenance overhead. Basic SEO

Do you want more targeted traffic from the top search engines? Increase website traffic coming from the major search engines like Google. Get targeted traffic and increase conversions. Our in-house SEO expert will optimize your website 4 hours a week in exchange for a powered by footer section. IT Purchasing

Do you want someone to handle your IT purchases? Have a tech person research and buy hardware and software, at cost, to match your business needs. Also have someone manage software licenses and hardware warranties. Referral Service

Do you wish you had access to various offshore services to complement your various business activities? Have access to other non-IT services to complement your various business activities. Our clients sometimes ask us for help in finding cost-saving non-IT services. We are happy to offer this service as well.


These services need setup and maintenance time. Your TeamEXtension will work on enabling these services according to your priorities. You choose which services you need and the order which these services are to be implemented. You get to customize these services to fit your needs. Utilize the services that you don’t already have and ignore the services you have in-house.

We hope you see the value we provide and would like to get started now. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or browse through our FAQ.