Tools & Applications

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Use the following tools and applications to improve communication and collaboration. Have access to software libraries to build business applications faster.

Included Applications

Online Storage

Do you want a way to transparently share and backup your files? Securely backup and synchronize files and documents. Access your files online or offline. Share documents and presentations with ease. Transparently version your files so you don’t lose a document again, even old revisions. Online Documentation

Do you want an easy way to create and update an IT knowledge base? Get a secure, centralized, online documentation system that is easy to use and update. Have an easy way to maintain a business knowledge base. Online Project Management

Do you want to be able to check the status of IT projects anytime, from anywhere? Have access to an online project management system that is easy to use and centralizes tasks and communication. Check the status of IT projects anytime, from any computer with an internet connection. Secure Messaging

Do you need a secure way to send and receive important emails and documents? Have access to various messaging systems so you can easily and securely communicate. Securely send and receive important emails, documents and passwords. Remote Access

Do you want the ability to access your office computer from anywhere there is an internet connection? Get a fast remote access solution so you have access to your office documents anytime you need to. Have the ability to access your office computer from anywhere there is an internet connection. Spam Filtering

Do you wish you spent less time filtering spam and more time on important tasks? Boost everyone’s productivity by minimizing spam. Implement steps to prevent and filter out unsolicited emails. Spend less time deleting spam and more time on real important tasks. Source Code Management

Do you want someone else to worry about source control setup, maintenance and backups? Get a source control system for team collaboration and source code versioning. Let us worry about source code management, including setup, maintenance and backups. Software Library

Do you want to have the best technology tools at your disposal? Have access to an up-to-date software library that gives you the best development and maintenance tools available. Get the best software not only for IT but also for the different departments of your business. Source Code Library

Do you want access to reusable code libraries and speed up software development? Have access to code libraries and components to speed up software development. Our code library provides you with documented, tested, reusable code. Stop reinventing the wheel and develop your applications faster.


These tools and applications need setup and maintenance time. Your TeamEXtension will work on setting up these tools according to your priorities. You choose which applications you need and the order which these tools are set up. You probably have similar tools and applications in place so we only install what your business needs.

We hope you see the value we provide and would like to get started now. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or browse through our FAQ.