Software Maintenance

A programmer learns different skills, tips and tricks throughout his career. One thing that I learned early in my career is that software maintenance is hard. Harder than writing new code. Harder than learning a new technology. Programmers get excited with new development, new technologies. They aren’t that excited with maintenance work. I’ve seen a very good programmer quit because he was given a big project to maintain. The project was big, complicated and he felt paralyzed.

Maintenance is difficult. Maintenance is a skill. Here at TeamEXtension, we see maintenance as a challenge. Just like the challenge of finding a complex bug, or the challenge of making a slow system go faster. You are faced with older technology, technology you are constrained into. You are faced with code that probably has been touched by many programmers in it’s lifetime. This means the code does not fully confirm to the original architecture, code that has workarounds, code that has different coding styles. You are faced with a big project all at once, instead of the nice progression of code getting developed one piece at a time. You are faced with business logic that no one really understands and documentation that is outdated. You limit your changes, do a lot of trial and error, a lot of testing, and hope nothing breaks.

At TeamEXtension, software maintenance is one of our primary skills. We can maintain existing systems, enhance it’s functionality or even rewrite old systems based on current code. We can write code, and even more important, we can read code. We have tools to help make existing code easier to understand. We make the code easier to maintain.

Free your programmers from the tedious tasks of maintaining software. Let TeamEXtension handle your system maintenance.

Google Wave Dead

Google is no longer going to continue developing Google Wave as a standalone product, but will maintain the site at least through the end of the year. When I tried Google Wave when it came out, I was given a couple of invites that I can share to friends. Cool, so I can send an invite and try this new collaboration tool with friends. I sent the invite and got a message saying invites are not immediate and will go some review process. So I wanted to play around with this collaboration tool but no one to try it with. No wonder Google Wave is dead now.