OpenOffice Zip Code Mail Merge

I was using the mail merge feature of OpenOffice and discovered a small quirk. I have printed a couple of envelopes and realized the leading zero is missing on zip codes. The fix? I used a CSV file as the database, and putting the zip codes in double quotes in the CSV file did the trick.

I hope this helps someone who is experiencing the same issue.

Layoff Time

A lot of people loss their job due to the economic turmoil of the world today. But if you have a business of your own and you are doing some cost cutting how would you say to your employees in a nice way that they would loose their job. Always make sure to have a proper communication with your employees especially to those who will be losing their jobs.

Some tips for managing the messages that employees receive during this time:
-Be quick and honest with your employees even if you don’t know when the layoffs would took place. Remember, what you are hiding will be misinterpreted by your employees as much as what you do say.
-As much as possible tell directly your employees about the different changes that would took place in the company. Tell them earlier before anyone can hear the news.
-When notifying employees about their layoff via email or in person tell them face to face as much as possible. Things like this are considered to be a sensitive topic and have to be delivered in person with respect.
-Use the latest technology such as webcam or teleconferencing so that you could still face your employees in the virtual world. Leaders should voice out their thoughts and plans.
-Hold meeting with your employees on a regular basis. Employees need to hear the latest developments related to the changes and at the same time have the opportunity to be heard.
-Provide proper training for supervisors so that they would know how to respond in reaction of some employees including their behavior during their most difficult times.
During layoff companies would also have a hard time dealing with it. Deal it properly because this involves the financial lives of the people.