TeamEXtension Becomes Red Hat Ready Partner

Seymour, CT, March 17, 2010 – Open Source company, Red Hat program had certified TeamEXtension as one of their Ready partners. In a drive to create more partnerships in the industry, TeamEXtension has achieved another milestone in their goal to becoming the leader in quality maintenance teams that provide first-class information technology services to small businesses across the United States of America.

Red Hat is considered as the marketplace for experts in Open Source computing. They play a very important role in marketing strategy through their innovative program offerings that caters to open source practices which provides the best value in terms of performance and reliability to businesses.

Truly, this is another milestone and as what TeamEXtension chief executive officer Bienvenido David said, “This shows that in just a short time, we had established our crediblity and reputation in the industry.” Through the partnership, Mr. David also had high hopes that his business would be known globally as the open source brand is also most famous across the globe.

Meanwhile, Red Hat Partner is a one stop source for all the Red Hat authorized partners for sales, support and marketing including the operational tools that the business needs. The partner acts as the navigator, consolidator of systems that in such a way would help improve the overall usage of open source applications.

Essentially, this means that TeamEXtension can also now provide Red Hat certifications services and could help in guiding individuals for all the needed quick and fast information. When you want to know all the latest updates, the partner can simply answer clients’ queries.

TeamEXtension’s partnership with Red Hat also gives many benefits to the company’s satisfied clients. It only means that they are continually creating a drive to provide with the utmost quality product and services in accordance to the standards set by the organization.

Red Hat has also a good number of OEM partners. They work closely with the needs of every customer and companies that need innovation. As one of the many benefits, companies would enjoy a good amount of savings in computerization while being able to do more with the technology that they have.

The technology is growing worldwide and many small and medium enterprise businesses rely on Red Hat. If this is something of your interest, please call (800) 991-0479 or email


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