The New Windows Version 7

Microsoft has released another operating system and it’s the Windows 7. The latest Windows 7 has a lot of features that the enthusiasts can surely enjoy. The Windows 7 is easier to use and more convenient. It is a hassle free Windows with a whole lot of new features and great performances.

The Windows 7 comes with a more stylish end user interface. It has big icons that have fast-animated movements. The icons are done, that in a way it can enhance the user experience. The positive side of the Windows 7 is that is has a super-fast speed with friendly to use interface.

Windows 7 has a desktop that is much more organized and has a sleek and cleaner look. It also includes docking options similar to the Mac’s OS. The latest software from Windows also includes a new application that is easy to use. It also has a lot of improvements and other new applications have also been added. It also has additional add-ons including the speech and hand writing recognition.

Such application like the calculator has been more powerful and convenient to use. It includes the real conversions such as the length, weight and other convert factors. Another addition, is the sticky notes. Sticky notes is very useful especially for those people who easily forget. The sticky notes automatically appear in your monitor. You can also stick as many notes on your desktop and just delete them after.

Other features included in Window 7 is the control panel wherein you can find a lot of items such as the calibration Wizard, recovery, troubleshooting, gadgets and many more. It also includes the Windows Solution Center, which supports the security system.

Windows 7 has a lot of things to offer for end users. It supports the virtual hard disks and the performance of your multi-processors and kernel performance. The goal of Windows 7 is for a faster and better performance. So what are you waiting for better try the latest Windows 7!

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