How to Impose Strict Rule For Internet Usage within the Company

Internet surfing is such as waste of time especially if you are surfing useless stuffs. Come to think of it if your employees are surfing the Internet without finishing their work or task on time. So then, it might be a good time to have software that can help you monitor their works and their surfing sites. But how do you exactly execute this strategy within your organization? Here are some tips and guides on how to do it:

  • The company should develop a policy restricting on the Internet access and usage of employees.
  • Managers shall monitor the usage of employees through monitoring software and block access to prohibited sites with blocking software.
  • Companies should conduct a policy that let the employees alert on what usage is allowed and what is prohibited.
  • There must be guidelines and consequences if employees were caught surfing non-sense on the Internet during their working hours.
  • Install a monitoring software that let the employer monitor the employees on what sites they are visiting
  • Block access to objectionable sites. A lot of blocking products provide lists of objectionable sites and also allow you to add your own.

Companies should develop on company policies that are acceptable and unacceptable. Also be careful in choosing on what software to use because there are some packages that give the option on creating reports. Sometimes monitoring software can provide a false security. The best thing to do is get a blocking software that provide periodic updates.

It is important to keep in mind that it is easy to stumble across objectionable sites innocently and inadvertently. The links from one site to another do not always clearly describe the destination site. In addition, search engines that are based on word searches, are extremely literal. Even the most benign search can turn up unwanted sites. As an example, I was searching for product information on timber swing sets. Using word based search engines turned up a massive number of obviously X-rated sites, along with one or two legitimate playground equipment manufacturers.

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