Ways on how to fight the Internet hackers

Nowadays, Internet hackers destroy a lot of small businesses’ technology programs. Hackers can shut your site down, get some data, destroy data, and do some things that can destroy your small business.

Hackers are so wise that they have realized now that it is easier to try to get into the small and midsize businesses. Hackers are looking and searching for some customer information, which can be sold in black market. Even if you are ready with the hackers your business may still be at risk.

Most hackers involve employees by just surfing the web and respond to emails but are already looking out for information. When a surfer tries to click on the links embedded in the Web site a malicious code is automatically downloaded. Most hackers try to turn the computer into a “botnet” which are composed of zombie computers manipulated by hackers.

Another Internet scam is when a computer user receives an e-mail that appears that it came from a bank or other familiar organization, asking for information such as user names and passwords. So don’t be fooled by these scams.

So to prevent these hackers from getting into your computer, first get some anti-virus and anti-malware abilities, intrusion detection systems, and, in some cases, sniffers for virus-infected e-mails.

If you have your own employees, make sure they tap into your network via a virtual private network, or VPN. Also, get some rules about the different website they visit during working hours. If possible limit their Internet usage. A lot of hackers have e-mail sniffers that look for dangerous attachments or other pieces of code that can infect a network.

If your company already has a security system make sure that your employees are not inadvertently infecting your network. If you have anti-virus software make sure employees update it once a week. Among of this software include QuickTime, Internet Explorer, Flash, and ActiveX. A lot of hackers are targeting these because they know that these are used by millions of people worldwide.

So make sure you implement these simply rules so that your small business would not be hacked by those so-called Internet hackers.

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