Teamwork and Motivation Tips

Teamwork and motivation are the two factors that affect the managers, business and the working environment in a company. Here are the tips on how to make your employees want to report to their work:

  1. Organize activities outside work
    After hours and days of working in the office you should let the employees have a relaxing and bonding time. But how? You can organize social activities during weekends when everyone is off from their work such as having a picnic, swimming and involve in some sports so that your people would me motivated.
  2. Fit Body, Fit Mind
    Try to arrange some corporate discounts for local gym membership or any other sports that involve a lot of movement for your employees to have a fit body and mind. Also, try to offer your people prizes or raffle draw for healthy competitions such a weekend vacation, cinema tickets or free buffet for two.
  3. Love learning
    Everyday we still need to learn a lot of things that is why you have to give your employees some learning activity and reward them at the end of the year. One way of pursuing this goal is to constantly host seminars for new developments in the industry.
  4. Volunteering
    Instead of doing a team-building try to do some charity works for the community. Try to go to some public schools such as painting the walls or donate some educational books or provide business opportunities for young entrepreneurs. With this small gesture you could already make someone happy.
  5. Give a flexible rewards package
    If you are happy and satisfied with the requirements or work from your employees then try giving them rewards packages such as pension package for older employees or holiday coupons. It can also be by giving flexible hours and working from home.

Always remember that small changes may lead to bigger change that is why you have to do your work well.

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