Dealing With Your Boss and Employee

If you were the boss in the company how would you deal with difficult employees? Or vice versa. Even if you are treating well your employees they will always look for negative things in you because you are simply their boss. For a successful relationship between boss and the employees and for the business to prosper a lot of things are need to be consider.

First is to avoid conflict. Managers should be clear about the direction you need to do your job. Always make sure to commit it to writing, so that managers and employees know what certain rules they agreed on. If you have a grunt boss the best thing to do is to let your boss stick to what they know and wait for the next instruction.

Another kind of manager is called the control freak manager in which employees can say something original or creative. If you are an employee under this kind of manager all you have to do is to provide detailed steps that you’ve taken, who’ve you’ve spoken to and how you’ve assessed and addressed any risks.

Another kind of manager is the political manager wherein employees can get their support by emphasizing how good they’ll look to their seniors. Most politician manager often play favorites, so don’t take it personally.

In the business world whether you are an employee or the manager always remember to respect each other to avoid conflict in the business that both of you are working. Learn also how to listen to your employees point of view or idea and at the same time employees should still follow their managers since they have a higher position.

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