TeamEXtension CEO Talks About Programming for Cloud Computing

From the recent entry in ITworld, “Programming for Cloud Computing: What’s Different”, TeamEXtension CEO Bienvenido David III, along with other known CEO’s of various IT companies, were interviewed about their ways and thoughts on cloud computing.

Here’s an excerpt from the article where Bienvenido David explains the importance of data security and choosing the right providers that will suit and meet the company’s technical needs.

“The issues were more of configuration and policies than software development.” For instance, TeamEXtension stores credit card numbers AES-encrypted in its database. If a security breach happens, PCI DSS auditors need access to the servers, which Amazon EC2 does not permit. “We cannot be PCI level 1 compliant with Amazon EC2. We can store the card numbers elsewhere, but this opens a lot more security issues. Rackspace Cloud had the same PCI issues as Amazon EC2, so they were out of the running,” he says.

Read the entire ITworld story TeamEXtension on “Programming for Cloud Computing: What’s Different”.

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