A look at the decade that was.

We all got the scare of our lives with the beginning of this decade. Remember the Y2K bug or the millennium bug that was supposed to deactivate everything that was electronic at the moment 1999 would end? And while doomsday fanatics frantically searched for survival tools and gadgets, many still were optimistic that the entry to the third millennium was not going to be that bad nor was it going to be the end of life as we knew it, and it wasn’t. In fact, the year 2000 seemed to have paved the way to what is now known as the Decade of Technology! It was in fact, some kind of a rebirth to a better life. And indeed, it truly was.

Countless innovations came to be born during this ten-year period and all of it seemed to have eased life as we know it. From mobile phones to social networking, the world suddenly seemed smaller with all of these innovations that connected humans from one end of the earth to the other. Businesses became more lucrative even in the face of the recession in the latter years of this decade, but because internet marketing created niches that promoted the genius in every individual, their passion and talents ultimately made them more marketable and ultimately richer. Many innovative individuals found out that the internet was not only a place to search for hard to find trivia, but an avenue to build business and establish an empire. In fact, so many have succeeded in building business through the internet that outsourcing became a way to provide more opportunities to individuals all over the world in search of better employment right from their own homes.

This decade that was truly unfolded like a dream that started out as a nightmare and ending like a fairy tale where we all lived happily ever after… that is living with more optimism, more hope and with so much to look forward to.

We have heard of so many success stories, and as this year begins another decade, we all look forward to more things that will improve human race’s life where the opportunities are limitless. So cheers to this new year and to this new decade!