Cultural Tips When Doing a Business in China

Despite of many attempts, there are many business offers being rejected in China every year. One cause of it is probably the limited knowledge of the offering party about the culture of China. Many business owners who aspire to gain a scene in the growing economy of China think that their dominant style of negotiating would work. And they are certainly not right.

If you are one of those entrepreneurs who want to do business in China, here are few cultural related tips to avoid a clashing of customs.

Be Polite

Calling cards must be handed out with two hands and must face the recipient in a readable manner. Accompanying it with a bow is also a great plus. More importantly, in the event that exchange of cards happens simultaneously, you should hand out your card under their card to show that you are giving them higher importance.

Enjoy Their Cuisines and Traditions

In most cases, you would be treated out in one or more of the ceremonial banquets with different authentic Chinese cuisines. Just eat a little of each so you can have a taste of every dish they have prepared. Keep in mind that refusing to eat would mean an insult to them. Moreover, some traditional Chinese believes that leaving a little food on the dinning table after the meal is a good luck, so this must be also taken into consideration.

Pay Respect

It is a fact that Chinese are one of the most patriotic individuals in the world. Even though they know how to speak English, they would still hire an interpreter when interviewed on international television. This is one sign of their love for their language. Chinese also demonstrate strong ties with their beliefs.

We know that cultures do not simply jive. Learning and respecting every culture are extremely important to gain not just good business but great friendships as well.

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