Coordinating with your Employees

For a business to be successful everyone should coordinate with the team members and leaders. Coordination must exist first or else there would be no organization. There should be coordination with the employees to reach the goals of the company. For an organization to exist it has to have a goal. But for you to identify the goal of the company it requires a lot of planning and thinking. You have to identify the problems and strategies.

Having a proper communication to reach the goals of the company means tracking and monitoring the different activities and decisions about what to do is the important of management coordination.

Some methods of coordinating
-Administrative Controls. Organizations must have the proper documents that include titles and dates. Computers have administrative controls by using some project management software, human resource systems and office software. An organization has a lot of financial reports, project reports and so much more.


  • Delegation is when you are trying to get things done together with the other employees in the company. Delegating is giving the responsibility to an employee to finish the task and letting him/her decide on how to do the task. The person delegating the task ensures that the task is completed and made properly.

Evaluation is when you are analyzing the information in order to have a decision. Evaluating the employees performances, marketing efforts, goals, outcomes, processes and so much more.

-Financial Statements when a company has goals and strategies then funds are set aside to accomplish goals and tasks. Reviewing the financial statements is one way of monitoring the progress of the plans.

-Performance Management means focusing on the performance of the organization including the process and employees. Some supervisors have a performance review for some employees to communicate about goals and how it is done.

-Policies and Procedures help the workplace to be in good working atmosphere. Procedures are list of activities required to do to finish a task.

-Quality Control and Operations Management is monitoring and measuring the results and adjust it as necessary. It also includes programs such as Total Quality Management, ISO9000, Balanced Scorecard, etc. Operations management includes the activities in developing, producing and distributing products and services.

-Risk, Safety and Liabilities is giving activities that help minimize the risk and liabilities and safety of employees.

Coordinating and controlling are important things to consider for the success of a company or organization.

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