Roles of Management

In managing your business, company or your employees you got to have management functions that are in the different levels with the different managerial roles. There are three types of management roles that all of us must know because these three roles are important to have a good business.

These three major types are decisional, interpersonal, and informational.

A decisional role is when a manager assigns resources on developing new goods and services to expand a business. The top managers mostly hold these roles. Most top managers deal with a lot of problems with major crisis in the company such as bad service or defective products. Some entry-level managers may negotiate with the employees regarding the issue of salary increases or overtime hours. While top managers negotiate with large issues such as acquisitions of other companies.

Interpersonal Roles is when the manager supervise the employees in the organization or workplace. Middle manager is usually in this category. This manager may help organize goals to the employees for their appointments or meetings.

Informational Roles – this is the part wherein managers will transmit information. Monitors will evaluate the performance of others and take corrective action to improve performance. Monitoring occurs at all levels of management. The role of disseminator requires that all managers must inform or let their employees know the changes that affect them and the organization.

So whatever roles your manager is doing make sure that you let your employees know and at the same time communicate with them.

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