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Amazon Redshift is described as a “fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service that makes it simple and cost-effective to efficiently analyze all your data using your existing business intelligence tools” which was initially released last February 2014. Launching data warehouse is now easier using Redshift, since it takes charge of the infrastructure which allows you to pay more attention to data and analytics.

In May 8, 2014, Amazon released a blog about the additional support for the twelve new features of Redshift which are as follows:

  • JSON Support

Data in JSON format can now be loaded directly to Redshift without preprocessing. You can now specify the mapping of JSON elements to Redshift column names in a jsonpaths file using this new option.

  • Copy from Elastic MapReduce

Copying of data from Elastic MapReduce cluster to a Redshift cluster is now possible using the COPY command. You can copy the following formats: fixed-width files, character-delimited files, CSV files, or JSON-formatted files.

  • Unload to a Single File

Use UNLOAD command to upload the result of a query to one or more Amazon S3 files.

  • Increased Concurrency

Maximum of 50 queries can now be configured simultaneously across all of your queues. The increase in the level of concurrency will let you increase your query performance on some workloads.

  • Max Result Set Size

Cursor counts and result set sizes can now be configured, however, you should note that memory consumption will also increased if you use larger values.

  • Regular Expression Extraction

As specified by a regular expression, substring from a string can now be taken out using the new REGEX_SUBSTR function.

  • FedRAMP Approval

In April 1, 2014, Amazon announced the completion of Amazon Redshift’s FedRAMP assessment and authorization process. This has been added to their list of services covered under US East/West FedRAMP Agency Authority to Operate which is approved by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

  • Support for ECDHE-RSA and ECDHE-ESDCSA Cipher Suites

A pair of ECDHE key exchange protocols and the associated cipher suites are now available as choices in SSL connections to Redshift. Through this, SSL clients who chose these cipher suites can now offer perfect forward secrecy.

  • Resize Progress Indicator

Monitoring the progress of cluster resize operations can now be made. You can see the information on the Redshift console and through the Redshift API.

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