Dijkstra’s General Availability Release

Spring announced Dijkstra’s , a Spring Data release train, General Availability release in May 20, 2014 in a blog written by Oliver Gierke, Spring Data’s Project Lead.

Dijkstra is named after Edsger Wybe Dijkstra, a Dutch computer scientist, who is known for his contributions to computer science: shortest path algorithm also known as Dijkstra’s algorithm, the Shunting Yard algorithm, the MultiProgramming System, Banker’s algorithm, and the Semaphore.

He said that the release train includes the following five new modules:

Spring Data Elasticsearch – it is led by Mohsin Husen. With Elasticsearch it is now easy to build applications that use new data access technologies and also offer improved support for relational database technologies. Spring Data Cassandra – led by David and Matthew Adams. The Apache Cassandra NoSQL Database provides new capabilities and has a similar interface to previous Spring Data modules. Both of these modules also held their first GA recently.

Spring Data Gemfire – Pivotal Gemfire is a distributed data management platform used to easily create highly scalable Spring-powered applications.

Couch base – aims to offer Spring-based programming model for new datastores while keeping store-specific features and capabilities.

Redis – offers easy configuration and access to Redis from Spring applications. It provides low-level abstraction across multiple drivers/connectors and and high-level abstractions for performing various Redis operations, exception translation and serialization support.

Listed also are other participating modules which complete the list:

Spring Data Commons 1.8 GA

Spring Data JPA 1.6 GA

Spring Data MongoDB 1.5 GA

Spring Data Neo4j 3.1 GA

Spring Data Solr 1.2 GA

Spring Data REST 2.1 GA

He mentioned that 55 tickets have been fixed prior the GA with a total of 379 tickets fixed and implemented for Dijkstra. “We’re going to drop one or two more services releases for the previous train named Codd and then concentrate on the first milestone of the next train iteration which will be named Evans.” Oliver added.

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