Java Development

We develop and maintain Java applications. We build enterprise-class systems according to your needs. We also adopt the system to the constant changes in your business.


Managed Teams

Our teams have the skills, experience and guidance needed to complete your projects on time. Every team includes a seasoned project manager and business liaison.


Cost Savings

Through our creative business model, you get the same development teams once affordable only to large corporations. Get top technical skills at a fraction of the cost


Training For A Successful Job Performance

For a business to be successful employees should have a proper training for a better performance on their specific jobs. But how can you achieve a proper training for your own employees? Here are some things that you should consider for a better job performance.

First you should always assume that your trainee does not know anything or in other words unskilled. So managers or the boss should assume that ignorance and the lack of skills will let you test their capabilities to receive only the instruction that they need.

Second, most of the instructions can’t stand if one fails then it means you’re not ready with your preparation. Competence training should be in the workplace. If employees don’t have proper competence then the presentation won’t help.

Third, deliver your instruction in a reverse way. Try to start with the best competencies at the end of every instruction. Try to design a job instruction in the reverse way to which you will present it.

Fourth, instructors must state clearly what their job is before instruction commences. Instructors must be able to know what will their trainees be able to do and know at the end of the training.

Fifth, give your trainees the best map. Trainees also have the right to know the best learning outcomes including the timing, structures, stages or section and the overall plan for the instruction. Also they should be told on what perks or rewards that they would get of showing good competence.

Sixth, the instruction should be measured in a demonstrable way and those measures should be done before the instruction commences.

Proper and careful planning is the key to deliver a successful job instruction and training. Through proper planning it will determine the presentation.

Successful Project in your Business

If you are doing or handling a project in the business or company there are a lot of steps to follow. A failed project can lead to loss of time and revenue. That is why when doing a project make sure you have to follow these steps for your project to achieve great results.

1.Get a commitment
Get the real commitment coming from the management and the people who would benefit the project in the end. Make sure you understand the technical and business objectives of your projects and try to develop a focus. Have a powerful sponsor, so that someone will fight for your project when you reach on the high management level. Make sure your communication is open and be aware of the recent developments, issues, problems, issues and achievements.

2.Set scope, goals and objectives
Try to have a clear communication to the stakeholders of the project. Manage the scope carefully so that the customer can change the scope if he or she doesn’t like it. Don’t change the scope without having a draft or re planning the project. Customers should set a goal for projects. After setting a goal you can now gather the technical objectives. Be sure that the projects are realistic.

3.Have a written plan
Always have a written plan that has the list of tasks, deadline dates, written on a paper together with the responsibilities and the costs managed in the software package.

4.Don’t leave your project resources and have team working
Most projects involve a lot of people from administrative, financial staff; consultants, contractors; suppliers; external advisors and outside agencies. Consider the necessary things such as the project cost; provide hardware, plant and machinery and train staff, Have an effective teamwork that would work, closely with one another and committed to finish the project without any delays.

Discount Opportunites

A lot of business are doing cost cutting due to the economic crisis that the world is facing today. Most consumers and businesses have tighter budgets. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur you have to adapt the market trend these days by offering lower priced products that often comes with lower margins.

Here are some ways on how to have alternative discounts for your business to succeed:

First simplify the product that you are selling which means some customers would prefer the main things that they usually need. So if you are manufacturing a certain product make sure it would hit the needs of the people not just their want.

Second try to make distinctions of your products and services that you are offering to the consumers. Try to make the cheaper products different from higher end versions so that customers would stop buying for those pricey products.
Third is to think small. Try to create a lower or cheaper version of the existing products that some companies are having the high end brand image by selling affordable luxuries.

Fourth is to choose a new name. A lot of business or companies are trying to adapt the economic situation by offering a lower end products or services but one of the biggest problem or challenge that they would face is whether to create a new brand. The advantage of creating a new brand is that it would make the cheap products destroy the company’s name. Using the same brand name can help the latest product attract new identity.

So whatever your decision is be sure that the products and services that you are selling should capture the needs of the customers in a more affordable and realistic way.

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