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We develop and maintain Java applications. We build enterprise-class systems according to your needs. We also adopt the system to the constant changes in your business.


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Tips for a Better Task Delegation

Delegating a task to your employee is not an easy thing to do. It is the process of assigning task to the most capable person in the company. So here are some guidelines on how to designate and delegate more effectively:

  1. When delegating a task keep in mind that delegating is different from assigning someone. Delegating is giving the authority to someone who could do the task; but overall you still control the responsibility.
  2. Know and determine the results that you want to correct for the completion of task. The employee that you designate should use his or her methods to finish the task.
  3. Try to know the responsibilities of your employees and determine their responsibilities. Ask your employees and check on them if they understand their task and goals.
  4. Learn to communicate and define the scope of authority to the employee for delegated task. Be specific of your task. Try to give the employee the authority necessary to accomplish the task but not too much. Also, do set a budgetary limitation.
  5. Make sure that every employee in the company could understand his or her task and goals. Have the employees repeat back to you his or her task to make sure he absorbed the information well.
  6. Have a time limit. Tell your employees what portions of work or task you need it to be complete by certain dates. Timeframe must also be very realistic.
  7. Have a follow up schedule. Monitor your employees and assist them if they have any questions. Try to set up a follow up meeting so that your employees can ask questions. Schedule frequent meetings especially if the tasks are not yet done. However, meetings need not be long but simply go over the specifics.
  8. Try to avoid “reverse” delegation. When an employee can’t make her task and he or she gives it back to the manager. Don’t accept it unless for extreme cases. Accepting back the task that your employees should have made would lose the opportunity for them to learn. Just stick with your decision and check your employees for the tasks.

Effective delegation is to communicate, understand and discuss properly the designated task and goals. Always be clear with the task.

The Importance of Compensation Roundtable

Managers should pay more attention regarding about the compensation roundtable. Effective manager’s communication is important in the work industry as studies shows that a lot employees are receiving lower pay increase than their previous years. Some employees also expect that their pay should also increase since the economic news is improving. Different expectations between the employees and managers can cause problems. Employees tend to neglect their work if their managers do not face their expectations.

Managers should pay more attention on how to communicate well regarding compensation roundtable to their employees. Some communication strategies include building the business case to managers for pay communications, training managers to deliver pay messages effectively, and measuring the impact of these communications.

There are only 10% of managers that conduct effective guidance regarding compensations to their employees. Some of the best practices that managers can do about compensation problems are to understand the importance of your role in pay communication. Managers should think that pay related activities are the roles of Human Resource practitioner shall do. As the manager, it is also important to know that proper communication about pay will help increase the productivity of their direct reports. Also, take accountability for an effective pay communication strategy.

The task of the managers is to deliver proper pay communications to the employees. Managers should pay attention that open communication is important between employees as it builds confidence and critical mindedness within the organization.

Moreover, managers should practice dealing with real life situations. They should explain well to the employees about why they are just paid in this certain amount and what the employees should do so that they can earn more.

In fact, a pay-related communication from a manager has three times the impact on engagement, performance, and retention as that same communication coming from a central function such as the Human Resources Department.

How to Impose Strict Rule For Internet Usage within the Company

Internet surfing is such as waste of time especially if you are surfing useless stuffs. Come to think of it if your employees are surfing the Internet without finishing their work or task on time. So then, it might be a good time to have software that can help you monitor their works and their surfing sites. But how do you exactly execute this strategy within your organization? Here are some tips and guides on how to do it:

  • The company should develop a policy restricting on the Internet access and usage of employees.
  • Managers shall monitor the usage of employees through monitoring software and block access to prohibited sites with blocking software.
  • Companies should conduct a policy that let the employees alert on what usage is allowed and what is prohibited.
  • There must be guidelines and consequences if employees were caught surfing non-sense on the Internet during their working hours.
  • Install a monitoring software that let the employer monitor the employees on what sites they are visiting
  • Block access to objectionable sites. A lot of blocking products provide lists of objectionable sites and also allow you to add your own.

Companies should develop on company policies that are acceptable and unacceptable. Also be careful in choosing on what software to use because there are some packages that give the option on creating reports. Sometimes monitoring software can provide a false security. The best thing to do is get a blocking software that provide periodic updates.

It is important to keep in mind that it is easy to stumble across objectionable sites innocently and inadvertently. The links from one site to another do not always clearly describe the destination site. In addition, search engines that are based on word searches, are extremely literal. Even the most benign search can turn up unwanted sites. As an example, I was searching for product information on timber swing sets. Using word based search engines turned up a massive number of obviously X-rated sites, along with one or two legitimate playground equipment manufacturers.

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