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TeamEXtension Launches Javameme

SEYMOUR, CT. February 1, 2011 – TeamEXtension, a Java development and maintenance firm based in the United States is launching Javameme, a Java news and article aggregator for Java developers. It provides a daily view of what’s happening in the Java world. The site also has resource information that is useful for Java programmers.

Javameme uses RSS content from renowned online sources such as Computerworld,, DevX, DZone, eWeek, IBM developerWorks as well as InfoQ, James Gosling, Java Posse, and Javalobby. Additional contents are from JavaWorld, JDJ, NY Times, OnJava, Oracle Technology Network, Real’s How To, The Java Source, and

“I’m so thrilled to impart our newly developed resource that is truly essential to Java developers like us”, said Bienvenido David as he is being interviewed regarding the Javameme launching. “This website creates a place for our fellow programmers to go and see what’s going on in the world of Java at a glance”, he added.

The website is implemented in Java SE 6, HTML5, jQuery and Soh Tanaka’s Smart Columns. Additional site functionality is provided by Google Custom Search, ShareThis and Disqus.

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TeamEXtension CEO Provides Tips on How to Manage Telecommuters

According to recent studies, the IT industry is now topping the field when it comes to employment needs. Besides business processing outsourcing, telecommuters or professionals working from their homes are also preferred by many companies. If you are thinking of following this lead, then reading the recent article written by Thursday Bram of GigaOM, entitled “How to Manage Telecommuters: Tips from Project Managers”. This article will give you tips on how to manage your telecommuting staff. Below is an excerpt.

Get the team to paraphrase assigned tasks: At TeamEXtension, Bienvenido David’s team is asked to paraphrase any assignments they receive. David says, “For complicated tasks, employees are asked to paraphrase tasks given. The manager reviews and sees if they are both in sync and if any extra input is required. This is more important for employees who are new to the job. Seasoned employees can read between the lines and have the experience required to understand any given task.”

TeamEXtension CEO Talks About Programming for Cloud Computing

From the recent entry in ITworld, “Programming for Cloud Computing: What’s Different”, TeamEXtension CEO Bienvenido David III, along with other known CEO’s of various IT companies, were interviewed about their ways and thoughts on cloud computing.

Here’s an excerpt from the article where Bienvenido David explains the importance of data security and choosing the right providers that will suit and meet the company’s technical needs.

“The issues were more of configuration and policies than software development.” For instance, TeamEXtension stores credit card numbers AES-encrypted in its database. If a security breach happens, PCI DSS auditors need access to the servers, which Amazon EC2 does not permit. “We cannot be PCI level 1 compliant with Amazon EC2. We can store the card numbers elsewhere, but this opens a lot more security issues. Rackspace Cloud had the same PCI issues as Amazon EC2, so they were out of the running,” he says.

Read the entire ITworld story TeamEXtension on “Programming for Cloud Computing: What’s Different”.

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